Aug 10, 2023’s View on Introducing Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

Gabriele Vinciguerra discusses how is exploring the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance operational efficiency, decision-making, security, and customer experience.

Authored by Gabriele Vinciguerra. This article is part of the 21Teams series, an inside look at culture, values, and team experience with To stay up to date on our latest crypto insights, subscribe here to read upcoming research.

At, we’re buzzing about the opportunities artificial intelligence (AI) creates in the workforce.

We believe AI can enhance our operational efficiency, improve decision-making processes, provide enhanced security measures, and deliver a superior customer experience. Given these benefits, we’ve been talking for quite some time about how we can empower our employees to take advantage of AI – while also remaining deeply thoughtful about the responsibilities and ethical considerations that come with AI, like any other emerging technologies.

We recently rolled out AI Guidelines internally at to ensure that organization-wide, we embrace AI to encourage innovation while ensuring responsible use – which goes hand-in-hand with one of our core values: “Be Daring, Not Reckless.”

While we’re still developing AI-powered use-cases and tools, we spoke with a number of leaders across the organization to hear how they’re thinking about AI and implementing its across their teams:

Garrison Gibbons, SVP of People & Admin:

In the world of crypto, where trust is everything, transparency is our guiding principle. When we use or build AI tools, we are clear and forthright about it. We are committed to fostering trust through clarity and truth.
The future of crypto lies in fairness. We are dedicated to auditing the AI tools we use to avoid and counter any biases. Our aim? A diverse, inclusive crypto landscape, untainted by prejudice. The crypto industry thrives on diversity and challenges the status quo. We expect the same from the AI tools we use and are going to build. We work to ensure their outputs respect and honor all facets of human identity and experience. Inclusion isn't an option; it's a requirement.

David Josse, Chief Technology Officer:

With the advent of generative AI, technology now has another tool in our arsenal in enhancing and diversifying the quality of our code and by extension, our products. With tools like this, AI empowers the teams with more opportunity to focus on creative and innovative ideas.

Andrew Jacobson, VP, Head of Legal:

As a dynamic and cross-border company, we take privacy and protecting sensitive business information really seriously.  We also recognize the potential for AI to improve our legal department's efficiency - it's necessary to balance the risks presented by certain AI software with the immense potential upside.

Across, we’re committed to innovation just as much as we’re committed to ownership and the responsible use of new tools. We’re excited about the ways AI can improve workflows and innovation in the future and want to ensure our team remains at the forefront of emerging technologies.